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every girl is a */-/princess/-/*
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4th-Apr-2005 09:10 pm(no subject)

Flaxen and Flame - Ginny/Seamus

I first supported this ship but then I moved on to another Ginny ship but these two are just sooo cute together!!! (actors not characters)

19th-Mar-2005 06:07 pm(no subject)

Three guesses to how I'm like Shigure?


(Hahahaha, Bri & Sam, you know this...)

3rd-Feb-2005 07:06 pm - Princes!!


grr the pic wont show on here...BUT LOOK!!!!

22nd-Jan-2005 08:43 pm(no subject)
ok too *much* snow for a snow party now... hahaha

if it lets up a bit we can all go out and play in the snow sometime soon still I hope... lol

Oh! Philly Diner after school the last day of midterms? I remember someone suggesting it already... Whattaya say, loves?
19th-Jan-2005 05:25 pm - SNOW PARTY
lx x zarah x xl: i want a picture in the snow with a prettty dress like christine's and snow in my hair. or you could be my model
lx x zarah x xl: come over. now.
lx x zarah x xl: bring a dress.
RosePetalsFall31: diuuuude I want toooo
RosePetalsFall31: SUNDAY
RosePetalsFall31: let be eachothers models!
RosePetalsFall31: we'll wear dresses
lx x zarah x xl: ok!!!
lx x zarah x xl: yeah!
RosePetalsFall31: and make Bri do it too
lx x zarah x xl: yes
RosePetalsFall31: I can't wait!
RosePetalsFall31: yay!
RosePetalsFall31: hehehe
RosePetalsFall31: I have to find a dress lol
lx x zarah x xl: me too
lx x zarah x xl: h/o
RosePetalsFall31: come here though!
RosePetalsFall31: cause it's empty
RosePetalsFall31: and we won't have to worry about cars
RosePetalsFall31: and we can walk in the street
RosePetalsFall31: and explore the neighborhood!
RosePetalsFall31: oooooh it'll be so much fun!
lx x zarah x xl: lol my backyard is completely empty too, but sure we go to your place.
RosePetalsFall31: hehe yay yay yay
RosePetalsFall31: I so excited
RosePetalsFall31: *hops*
RosePetalsFall31: make rach come too!
RosePetalsFall31: omg
RosePetalsFall31: we'll have a snow party!
lx x zarah x xl: hahaha yes!
RosePetalsFall31: hehe *emailing everyone right now*
lx x zarah x xl: snow party on sunday at sam's house

OK here's the deal: anyone interested come to my house (the new one, not my aunt's) (if you don't know where it is call me) on sunday -- we'll talk times in school

Requirements: Bring a flowy pretty dress! and a camera if you want! and any pretty things for the snow! we're gonna have fuuun. (And don't worry, the snow will still be here. It's supposed to snow again sunday) And when we're too cold to move we can go to The Pub *hehe my basement* and have hot chocolate/tea/green tea/coffee and hang out.

If no one comes it'll just be me and Zarah --- but come please!
10th-Jan-2005 06:59 pm - Come Josephine in my flying machine
Come Josephine in my flying machine
going up, up she goes

sound familar?
Ok so Brad and Jen are over like SSB posted.
Who else thinks Jen is a complete idiot? I knew they had problems, but divorce? wow, 5 years and now divorce. *sigh* isn't it 50% of marriages now, that end in divorce? tisk tisk, how sad.
Well now Brad Pitt is single, if he ever wants to visit south jersey...
speaking of that, Bridget found brad pitt's underwear in my room (the look of confusion on her face was priceless). I thank u jess clark. hehe
2nd-Jan-2005 05:22 pm(no subject)
hello all

does anyone know how to put pictures in an entry? i have some great phelps pics to share!!!
1st-Jan-2005 12:42 pm - Happy New Year?
What's your resolution?

...I never keep them, so I don't make them.
30th-Dec-2004 05:16 pm - hem hem


Hey, Margot, allow me to explain the significance of this comic.



The Goddess that Is JK Rowling often explains young Ginny Weasley as being "cat like", I.E. curling up catlike in a chair, etc. When Ginny is mentioned, she is almost always doing something that gives her feline qualities. Another example would be how she plays with bottle corks with Crookshanks. Face it, If Ginny were an animagus, she would be a cat.


Now, when i was sitting in my boxers and t-shirt at the kitchen table, eating my Cheerios while i swung my sock-enclothed feet, I came across this comic. I've cut it out, because I'm sure once i make my point you'll want me to paste it into our journal.  And this comic made me come to realize:


Ginny Weasley will trample Punpkin Pie and steal Harry our from under Hermione's nose like she did with the Snitch from that whore Cho Chang. Orange Crush will prevail. Are you ready for it?


I am no longer Switzerland.


Have a lovely day =)

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