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every girl is a */-/princess/-/*
OK. Things that are the same: As Tiff and I were just discussing, I… 
8th-Feb-2009 02:06 pm

Things that are the same:
As Tiff and I were just discussing, I still have no filtering system. I say how I feel, etc.
I'm happy.
I'm ... short!
I love going out and having adventures
I read every single day like it's my job. (some day, it will be. Woot!)
I have the same obsessions I did in HS... Harry Potter, etc. Only now, I have more.
I hang out with many of the same people I did in HS and I still enjoy their company, infinitely.
I still have dance parties while I get ready to go out, and I'm still always late.

Hmm. Honestly, I can't really think of any, personality-wise, but I'll try.
Maybe I have more faith. in many things. including myself.
I've had a man murdered in my house, been robbed, and been in a knife fight...
But I've also been to Germany 3 times, France, Canada, California, and many places in this area, and therefore have seen more of the world than in HS, so..
the good definitely outweighs the bad.
I'm in a semi-serious relationship that's nearing the 3 year mark, despite the 3 months we were on a break.
Oh, yeah. I've gained trust in long-distance relationships. But only if they're temporary and leading to someday living on the same continent.
I'm less emo, for sure.
I'm a lot more broke, money-wise.
I'm a lot more rich, life-wise ;)
I miss a lot of people from HS. But I still talk to them regularly. For example, Dennis and I are in the middle of one of our texting sessions.

I miss my pink ladiess. I smell a reunion. With canolis and crowns.

I don't know what else to say. Other people post so we can get this thing rollin' again. <3
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