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every girl is a */-/princess/-/*
fanfic! yes a HP one 
13th-Jul-2005 11:07 pm
"God, Joey, what number cup of coffee are you on?" Linda raised her head sleepily.

"Since this morning? I think seven. Can't be too sure," Joey replied, eyes wide. "I really don't understand what you guys see in sleeping, when there's such a great remedy for it at your friendly local Starbucks."

Bobby looked up from that week's issue of Rolling Stone, which he'd brought out for a bit of bedtime reading. "Joey, I swear to God, you have caffeine flowing through your veins rather than blood."

"And since when are you so.....awake?" asked Linda sarcastically.

"Since I slept for a few hours while you and this guy were scrawling graffiti across the sky," responded Bobby, returning to the article on the new movies coming out. "Say, anyone want to go see the re-release of Stand By Me with me this weekend? Thirtieth anniversary, you know....."

"Can't, Bobby. In case you haven't been notified, we have to save the world." Joey took another gulp of coffee. "Somehow, I'm thinking we're all booked up for awhile."
(Deleted comment)
16th-Jul-2005 07:57 pm (UTC)
a random fanfic called an unlikely coven. dont bother it sucked at the end
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