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every girl is a */-/princess/-/*
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8th-Feb-2009 01:17 pm(no subject)

I'm going to post my changes/same thing in a few

8th-Feb-2009 10:15 am - Ah the good ol' days!
Woah, remember this?

PS. Bri you asked how to post to this, just change your "post to:" at the top of the entry.

So, four years later. I have an idea. Let's talk about how we've changed =]

I care significantly less about what people think of me
I went through probably the roughest year of my life (last year) and LIVED, and I realized it only made me a stronger person.
School is so much harder than I thought it would be.
I have an actual social life (including boys... *gasp!*)
I've definitely gotten less pessimistic. Being angry or sad all the time is such a waste of energy.
At this moment in time, I am genuinely happy.

And how we've stayed the same...

I'm still the sensible one :p
I'm still an absolute geek.
I'd still rather have a few close friends that will always be there for you than an entire sorority that pretends to be.
I still love you guys <3
9th-Nov-2005 09:18 pm(no subject)
I found the bestestest countdown thing EVER. I used the Rent one, but there are countdowns for pretty much everything recent, and if there's something missing you can make you own or ask someone to make it. It's a little tricky to install at first, but it's awesome.

13 days 14 hours 39 minutes 25 seconds!
5th-Aug-2005 04:37 pm - great parody
"Part I

Ginny Weasley was flawless; there was no doubt about that. Her long, silky red hair flowed freely behind her as she walked gracefully towards the Quidditch pitch. Fair skin, adorned with the perfect amount of sun-kissed freckles, was soft and smooth; her face held a natural elegance other girls could only dream of having, and her large blue eyes shimmered brilliantly in the light of the afternoon sun.

That, and she smelled really flowery.

Not only was she beautiful on the outside, her personality easily outshined those of all the other girls at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was bright, witty, and a total charmer. All the boys wanted to be with her, while all the girls just wanted to be her.

It was with a natural talent and unbridled skill that she professed in everything she did. Why, it was pointless for her to even be going to the Quidditch pitch for practice; she certainly didn’t need it. Still, it would give her a chance to see her equally magnanimous boyfriend, or, ‘Harry-warry-widdle-kins’ as she so lovingly called him, and so she continued to walk towards the field in long strides, as graceful as a ballerina.

‘Who wouldn’t want to be me?’ she thought pompously as she continued on.

And then she fell into a pit, and died."


The Harmonians Strike Back

A Half Blood Prince Parody

By: The Fitchburg Finch
4th-Aug-2005 11:37 pm(no subject)
seaOFglassDreams: i'm wearing the greatest strapless bra in the history of bras
Sketch883: Let he among us without sin be the First. To. Condemn! who said that? i thought it was Jesus
seaOFglassDreams: its magical
Sketch883: aw *snaps to zee*
seaOFglassDreams: uh....i heard in RENT
seaOFglassDreams: maybe jesus WAS in RENT? maybe he really does feel bad for everyone who has aids...even gesbians and lays.
18th-Jul-2005 03:18 pm(no subject)
So As of NOW, all the pink ladies are coming to my house tomorrow for a harry potter/pink get-together. Wear black,, ladies...and of course, call me if anything goes wrong. On the other hand, what do you guy want me to get together for you? Anything?

Excited*. Burp. Love,
15th-Jul-2005 02:18 am(no subject)
dum dum dum. 21 hours, 39 minutes, 58 seconds.

2 am and i cant sleep.
dum dum dum.
13th-Jul-2005 11:07 pm - fanfic! yes a HP one
"God, Joey, what number cup of coffee are you on?" Linda raised her head sleepily.

"Since this morning? I think seven. Can't be too sure," Joey replied, eyes wide. "I really don't understand what you guys see in sleeping, when there's such a great remedy for it at your friendly local Starbucks."

Bobby looked up from that week's issue of Rolling Stone, which he'd brought out for a bit of bedtime reading. "Joey, I swear to God, you have caffeine flowing through your veins rather than blood."

"And since when are you so.....awake?" asked Linda sarcastically.

"Since I slept for a few hours while you and this guy were scrawling graffiti across the sky," responded Bobby, returning to the article on the new movies coming out. "Say, anyone want to go see the re-release of Stand By Me with me this weekend? Thirtieth anniversary, you know....."

"Can't, Bobby. In case you haven't been notified, we have to save the world." Joey took another gulp of coffee. "Somehow, I'm thinking we're all booked up for awhile."
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